DIY Diary, Part 2

So much progress! Really looking like a bathroom.

The toilet is in! Yay! Here’s what else happened this week.


We agreed on a color from a paint chip. After many rounds of mudding and sanding, the walls were finally ready to be painted. After the first coat, Neil was very disappointed. The light gray we’d picked out appeared light purple on the walls. “I don’t want a purple bathroom,” Neil concluded, and got a paint sample from the Sherwin-Williams sale. Painted sample onto the wall and we both agreed that’s what we were going for. Bought gallon of paint, cut in the bathroom, it dried, and it looked purple again! Realized they’d given us the wrong number of the sample color—not what he’d asked for—but he didn’t notice this. Who would? So when he went for the gallon of that number, he got a different color. Back to paint store to beg for mercy, and they were able to tint the paint to the actual sample color. Back to cutting in and painting, again. I felt awful, as this was very frustrating and a waste of limited time for Neil, but we do like the color!


The next day, Neil glued the floor down. This seemed to go pretty smoothly after the tedious process of measuring, cutting, and get the floor ready to be installed. It looks great and is sooo updated compared with the wacky retro blue tile that was in there. Which I also kind of loved but was getting old and gross.

More plumbing

At some point during the project it became apparent that our home’s main water valve needed to be replaced. This requires scheduling with the city to have the water to the house turned off during normal office hours. As Neil realized how quickly my due date was approaching, along with the fact that both our other babies came about a week early, he decided to take a day off. So last week he replaced the main valve. On the same day, he did some work on the roof to prepare for a new ventilation fan.

He’d also realized earlier that week that the new vanity’s drawers were going to interfere with the sink plumbing. So he extended those pipes to one side. That afternoon, Neil enlisted the help of a neighbor to carry in the new vanity. I’m so excited to have drawers soon! Our old vanity had no drawers, just a half shelf half-way up. It was impossible to organize.

Neil cut in the holes in the vanity for the plumbing, and, with the valve fixed, plumbing moved, and vanity in, turned the water back on. The sink will be functioning again sometime soon.


That same day, a friend graciously offered to install the vent fan. Neil had spent some time on the roof earlier that day getting ready to do so. This was a huge help and we are so grateful! The old one was so gunked up there’s no way it was working effectively.


That night around 11:30 pm, the toilet was installed. Yay! No more waddling downstairs 20 times a day! Again, I’m so glad we have two bathrooms, but I really love having one on the main floor.


Neil’s brother came over and helped carry in the very heavy countertop. His brother got the countertop from a client who was remodeling. I think we paid $75 for it; it could have easily cost us $400+ since the vanity is 48 inches. It’s not what we would have picked, but it’s very good quality and in good condition. We weren’t sure how it would look with everything else until they got it into the bathroom, but it looks good with the other elements we (okay, mostly Neil) chose. Our daughter says the bathroom is looking “pretty pretty.”

Odds and Ends

If it sounds like there’s been huge progress this week, there has! It actually looks like a bathroom again, and has a functioning toilet. If it’s sounds like it’s about done, there are lots of odds and ends left. Like caulking, installing fixtures, painting, and replacing trim. Neil’s brother helped install the new door last night. In fact, Neil is planning to replace all the doors in that hallway—the bathroom and the three bedrooms. But we’ll see how soon he’s able to get to that.

I’m sure there are lots more details to complete that I don’t even know about. One detail I was keenly aware of was the ladder to the attic in the nursery, along with all the loose insulation that rained down in there. After the fan was installed, I asked Neil if he could replace the bag of insulation he’d saved so I could clean the closet. He did so promptly and although the nursery still has tons of tools in it and is far from clean, it’s a relief to the have the closet clean. My room is also getting crowded as it houses a shop vac, air compressor, paint cans, and the vanity drawers.

In case you’re wondering what I look like super pregnant, here’s a pic from two weeks ago. Photo credit: 4 year old daughter.

And baby is still patiently waiting for a cleaner bedroom, or functioning bathroom sink, or maybe finishing touches? Who knows. At this point, I’ve never been this pregnant. But it’s not my due date quite yet so I’m trying to be patient. It’s so weird to think about something so much, and at the same time, it doesn’t feel real that we’re about to have three kids. Wish us the best! Hopefully you won’t hear from me next week.

What’s the next DIY project on your list? 

12 Responses to “DIY Diary, Part 2”

  1. Barnaby King says :

    Improvements looking awesome! Good luck on your other project – welcoming a new baby to the world.

  2. Diana says :

    I love all of this! You and your bathroom are both looking beautiful!

  3. Tonya says :

    Neil FTW! I would be so incredibly frustrated by the pain situation. And why is it no matter how hard you try to avoid it, it never quite is the same as when you did the sample color or see it in the store. It looks great! And I don’t remember seeing a pic of you so nice to finally see you!

    • Kalie says :

      I know, it’s so hard to tell until it dries. The color sample did not look purple in the least. It was a frustrating day but fortunately we found the right color.

  4. Penny says :

    We have so many DIY projects (and hired ones!), I’m not even sure we have a list. We had so much trouble finding a gray we liked. They went purple or blue or brown. UGH. Just give me a real gray! And you look darling!

    • Kalie says :

      Good luck with your projects! I guess gray is just tricky! We have a heather gray in our entry way that I like but wouldn’t want in the bathroom


  5. NZ Muse says :

    Good question! Probably kitchen tidy up, painting and other loose bits and pieces like edging and filling in gaps. Paint the nursery room too…

    Your bathroom is looking great and hurray for finally getting the right colour!

    • Kalie says :

      Congrats to you! Good luck with your projects and nursery prep. That’s always a fun one 🙂 I hope the color doesn’t give you this much trouble!

  6. Prudence Debtfree says :

    That paint story sounds SO frustrating! It’s great that the bathroom is at least functionally ready now. I know that “20 times a day” thing isn’t an exaggeration! You look great – just a nice basketball sticking out. I hope that you will post next week – just to say the baby has arrived 🙂 All the best!

    • Kalie says :

      It was frustrating; luckily Neil is very patient! Haha, yes, it’s great to have functional toilet upstairs again! Thank you!

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