How to Buy an Electric Bike

Step 1: Research Electric Bikes. What are the kinds? The makes? The models? Read about them. Test drive them. When you travel for business, find the e-bike store and test drive some more.

Step 2: Set a major financial goal, and say the reward for accomplishing it will be an e-bike. Work toward goal for years, all while casually researching and test driving the e-bikes.

Step 3: Meet major financial goal, and keep over-analyzing researching and test driving e-bikes. Research building own e-bike. Set up Craigslist search for used e-bikes (rare).

Step 4: Buy a car for $200. Think maybe this justifies e-bike purchase. But then think how could I spend 10x as much on a bike as my car? Keep dreaming researching.

Step 5: Replace possible e-biking hobby with reading about e-bikes hobby. For years.

Step 6: Give up on ever buying motorcycle for nerds an e-bike.

Step 7: Craigslist search shows e-bike for sale nearby for $500. Buy e-bike. Assemble. Ride. Love.


Does anyone else approach purchases like this? What’s the longest it’s taken you to pull the trigger on a purchase?

2 Responses to “How to Buy an Electric Bike”

  1. Bethany says :

    Uh, what about purchasing new clothes?? Socks, jeans, T-shirts? I mean, the question is, how many holes does something have to have… how many patches and how much darning justifies just buying a new piece?

    Then…. do you buy used? Do you wait until Black Friday or Triple Coupon Wednesday?

    Sometimes stuff like this just gets ridiculous.

    • Kalie says :

      Well, we definitely don’t apply this to small and every day household purchases. This was a purchase we both recognized as unnecessary but one we were willing to make. And the tone of the post is supposed to be silly 🙂

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