Learner’s Edge Review: Continuing Education for Teachers

A few months ago I almost asked my readers: should I keep my teaching license? But as I drafted the post, I knew I already had my answer. Although I don’t necessarily plan to return to full-time classroom teaching, I could see myself still working in the field of education in a variety of ways. I don’t know for sure what type of work I’ll do once my kids are in school, and that’s why it seems better to keep the teaching license rather than let it expire.

To keep it, I need 6 college credits every 5 years, and that runs out for me in one year. Most teachers take graduate classes, but for my first renewal I took online undergraduate classes through a community college or regional branch of a state university, since these were the most affordable options. (I’m not planning to pursue a Master’s in education.)

I finished my last round of coursework before we had kids. I needed a course that was online and flexible. Because completing an entire thought, let alone a homework assignment, is challenging with two little kids.

Through my search, I came across a company called Learner’s Edge. It’s was created by teachers to provide graduate level continuing education classes for teachers. All classes are online, self-paced, and offer credits through regional partnering accredited universities. After reading reviews about the company I decided to try a course.

I can’t say enough about the great experience I had. If you’re a teacher or know a teacher who needs continuing education credits OR wants to earn a Master’s degree in education, I highly recommend Learner’s Edge.

First off, the classes are a bargain at $425 for three graduate credits. That’s the same price as a three-credit undergrad class at my local community college. Secondly, the window for semesters is huge. For example, registration for my “summer” class ran from January 15-April 15, with all coursework due by August 15. That means you get up to eight months to finish your self-paced coursework. This is flexibility to the max, perfect for busy teachers and/or parents.

Learner’s Edge offers a wide selection of courses depending on your teaching area. They even have classes recommended for those who aren’t currently teaching. In that case, you’re encouraged to draw on past classroom experience for certain assignments. There were plenty of customer reviews of the courses, which was helpful in choosing what to take.

The company mailed the textbook to me within a few days. All the assignments for my course were posted in an online portal, so I knew from the beginning what I was in for. In addition to the textbook the teacher added a few interesting videos and links to articles.

Overall, I found the assignments to be useful. If you’ve ever taken an education class, you know this is high praise. I didn’t feel like I was obliged to regurgitate the same buzzwords ad nausea um. The coursework required reasonable degrees of extension, research, and application, without feeling overwhelming or like busy work. The content was relevant and interesting. In fact, I’ve already been able to apply it in everyday life.

Another huge plus for my particular class was that the student forums were optional and not part of the grade. I’m all for peer interaction and did comment on the forums, but sifting through the repetitive or overly opinionated comments of others while racking my mom-brain for something original to add is not my favorite.

The assignments were graded in a very timely fashion, within about two days for my class. And the grader’s comments were personal in the sense that the grader responded to particular parts of my work, and also offered additional resources or ideas based on what I had written. It felt mutually professional– another rarity in the field of education, in my experience. It was mostly for “completion.” I didn’t get a letter grade until the last assignment, for which I did slightly more work to earn an A. Because, what teacher doesn’t want an A?

I have one more class to take in the next year, and it will definitely be from Learner’s Edge. I thought about diving right into another one, but we have a lot going on this summer and I’m trying to be a fun mom J Again, I realize many of my readers aren’t teachers, but you most likely know someone who is. I’d encourage you to share this resource with them because it is the best solution I’ve found for teacher’s need for useful, flexible, and affordable continuing education.

What is the best way to meet continuing education requirements in your field? Any teachers out there with experience with Learner’s Edge or other good ways to earn CEUs?

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  1. Josh says :

    This does sound like a really great option. And a very affordable way to keep your future doors open. Relicensing isn’t fun for teaching or any other profession. Thank you for sharing this with us, I’m sure lots of teachers are in the same boat just from the few that I know in my family.

  2. Mary Kling says :

    I’m working on my fourth Learner’s Edge course. Trying to do these while teaching was a challenge but definitely doable. At first glance, I am overwhelmed by the syllabus but if I take it bit by bit, it is manageable and I got a lot out of the courses. I had to get over my desire to go above and beyond and just do well enough. As I started this course today, I started to have a panic attack. I brought myself back down by remembering that perfection isn’t the expectation, growth is. And this will definitely help you to grow in the profession.

    • Kalie says :

      Thanks for sharing whether it was doable as a teacher. I think those of us who choose teaching tend to be over-achieving students, but it’s really not the point of these courses like you said. Good luck with your next course!

  3. Ashlyn says :

    I am a teacher and would love to email you privately about these courses offered at Learner’s Edge. I have taken University of Phoenix classes online and am wondering if you have had any experience with UOP and if so, how these courses compare.
    If you could email me, I’d SO appreciate it. Thanks so much!

    • Kalie says :

      I have never take UOP courses, so I can’t compare. I highly recommend Learner’s Edge classes for continuing education for teachers, though! The work load is reasonable and the timeline is highly flexible. And the price is right compared with other options I’ve explored.

    • Laura says :


      Did you ever take a course through Learner’s Edge? I too have gone through UOP in the past and wonder how the two compare….any course suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks!

    • Bill says :


      I wanted to know if you still have thoughts on taking classes through Learners edge? I have taken many and would like for you to email me personally.

    • Jill says :

      Hi Ashlyn!

      Did you ever decide to take classes with Learner’s Edge or continue taking those with UOP? I have the same question as you since I’ve taken four classes at UOP and really had a positive experience, but I wanted to see how Learner’s Edge was in comparison. Any advice you can offer before selecting L.E. vs. UOP would be helpful.

  4. Jo L. says :

    I absolutely love Learners Edge courses also! I have to admit, that some of the courses only took me about 5 hours to complete, not 45! It really depends on the course and your knowledge base of the course subject. For example, I took the One Stop Shop: Online Docs, Sheets, Forms, Etc. class and it was a breeze for me. There were a million videos included to watch, but most of them I did not need to view since I already knew a lot about Google tools. I completed that course in 4 days. The “What Great Teachers Do” course was also very simple. This class consisted of reading two short and simple books, responding to questions about the books, and writing how I might implement new strategies in my classroom. I completed this course in only 3 days. I always look at the syllabus before choosing a course. I also recommend to read the reviews of courses you’re interested in. The reviews have been spot on, in my opinion. I highly recommend learners edge courses and will most likely always refer to this company for my continuing teacher professional development.

    • Jennifer says :

      What other courses did you take that were a breeze and which should we stay away from?

    • Danielle says :

      Thanks for this infor! I’m hoping I can breeze through mine! I need to be done by August 1!

    • Kim says :

      I would also love to know of anymore classes that were easy? I agree they take more like 10 or less hours! I have completed 5099: Docs, Slides, and Forms in the Classroom. I would say this was a bit harder than the One Stop Shop, but still more useful than some of the gen ed courses look! I also took 5834: Bringing Your Classroom Online. I found these three classes were a lot of overlap in the tech field. I have one more techie class to take, then doing something different. I’m also hoping to do the book study course i-Course, in which you can propose a book you want to use and then go through the course with the text of your choice!

  5. Gina Meszaros says :

    Wonderful ! Thank you for the review ! I am definitely going to pursue a class !

  6. Shana N says :

    Does the company send transcripts in a timely manner? Also, do they send it directly to the state department? Debating between taking a course here or doing in-person at the esu next semester. My teacher Certification expires next summer 2022 and just want to make sure all my forms are submitted on time. Also, would like to consider this option since I’m a busy mom with lots of activities to shuffle.

    • Kalie says :

      The company will provide credits through a specified university in your area. The process was quick and smooth for me. However, you do need to contact the university separately to request they send transcripts to the state department.

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