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About 4 months ago, I decided to switch from my Verizon WiFi only plan to Mint Mobile. I knew Verizon charged more than other companies, and although I’m usually one to seek a better deal, my previous experiences changing cell phone companies was a huge hassle. I also had great cellular service with Verizon and every time I thought about switching I’d hear bad reports from a friend of service elsewhere. But Neil encouraged me to look into it since the cell service space has changed. About time, right?

I knew Verizon charged more than other companies, and although I’m usually one to seek a better deal, my previous experiences changing cell phone companies was a huge hassle. I also had great cellular service with Verizon and every time I thought about switching I’d hear bad reports from a friend of service elsewhere. But Neil encouraged me to look into it since the cell service space has changed. About time, right?

I referenced Clark Howard’s web site and chose Mint Mobile because it was compatible with my existing phone. At $15 a month for 3 GB of data, the price was right. I also read the review on the same site. Mint shares TMobile’s network, which I was a bit nervous about since friends in my area had complained about that service. But I was willing to try it.

The $15/month is an introductory price. All plans are prepaid in 3, 6, or 12 month increments. The longer the period you prepay, the lower the per month price. Mint does offer a 7-day free trial period. I highly recommend making calls during this time to make sure the service works well for you. I did have some dead spots in my home and poorer call quality at times, but once I turned on the Wifi calling setting I’ve had much better results.

Mint Mobile’s web site is extremely user-friendly. and straightforward. The sign up process was so easy. After confirming that you can get service and your phone is compatible, they will send you a SIM card in the mail. It arrived quickly and came with clear instructions. The app is also very easy to use and I love that everything is online and I don’t need to go to a store.

After the 7 day free trial, the 3-month prepaid plan begins. After the 3-month period, I decided to prepay a year’s plan for a total of $180. For 3 months, the price would have been $75 total, and for 6 months it would have been $120. Plans with more data are available, and you can always purchase add-on data if you need.

One AMAZING perk Mint offered from March through June 14 was free data upgrades. This was very in touch with real needs during the pandemic, and we made use of this while staying away for a week after listing our house. A cabin we love doesn’t have Wifi, but the kids were still able to do distance learning for school, and we attended our own Zoom meetings by using my phone as a hot spot. Thank you, Mint! I was also impressed that I was getting any service (data or cell) in a cabin in the middle of the woods.

Long story short, I would recommend Mint to anyone looking to save money on a cell phone plan. I’m paying half of what I was at Verizon and that was with no data! I knew better deals were out there, but hesitated because I didn’t wan’t bad service or a big hassle. Fortunately I’ve experienced neither. And I feel better about using a company that is more straightforward (I had an issue with Verizon customer service not being up front), and that offered real help during an economic crisis.

If you want to switch to Mint, I’d appreciate you using this affiliate link. We’ll both get a $15+ discount if you do. But trust me, I’d never recommend something I didn’t really like! If Mint doesn’t appeal or work in your area, check out more low-cost cell companies at Clark Howard’s site.

Has anyone used Mint? What other good cell deals have you found?

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  1. Mark says :

    I have had had the most expensive Mint Mobile plan for 4 years and my mom and best friend the $15 a month plan for 3 years. I haven’t noticed much less service than when I was with AT&T. There are few dead spots with T-Mo in my area, but I rarely go there and know where they are. It’s best to ask people in your area if they are happy with T-Mobile.

    I’m an Android enthusiast and love buying unlocked phones and saving money. I buy a new sub $300 phone nearly every year and sell the old one.

    I like buying the yearly plan for the most savings and am only hassled once a year to make a payment.

    The only possible hitch will be when the switch over to 5G happens. I know my mom is adequately served by 4G and I and my friend probably will be too thru the end of 2021. After that it’s anyone’s guess.

  2. Chris L says :

    Mint me mobile is horrible ! Flollows T-Mobile network and is VERY SHOTTY in south Dakota,ND and even some areas in MN ! I bought the 6 month plan and speeds are so bad can’t get a website to come up! Signal strength is so in and out it’s almost not useful at al! Maybe in NY or other huge metropolitan areas it’s ok but your a traveler it’s HORRIBLE!

    • Angela says :

      Agreed same here in Wisconsin dropped calls and it doesn’t work at up north at the cabin. Can’t pull up websites takes for ever.

    • London says :

      Check coverage areas before you buy. The closer to the west coast and canada you get, the more spotty the coverage.

  3. Brian says :

    I also recently purchased a 3 month plan with Mint Mobile. I had upgraded from a Pixel 3a XL to a OnePlus 7 Pro. I’ve been a loyal Google phone user for 8 years and it was time to change things up. The Pixel phones are compatible with all carriers so I often test out different prepaid plans. Unfortunately where I live Verizon is the only network with stable signal so I use VISIBLE as my main carrier. Since I had the Pixel phone as basically an extra phone I figured why not try Mint and see what the cons and pros were compared to Visibe a Verizon Volte network carrier.
    I work in the city where signal is good overall so I knew I would get to use the Mint service enough.

    I’m a delivery driver and often have to call customers who aren’t answering the door or for any other issues. Since it’s summer time in Florida tourism is in full effect and this year is a record year for visitors, likely due to the pandemic. I noticed when the area is very dense with people cell service on the Visibe network was nearly non-existent. So tried the Mint Mobile phone and to my surprise the service was quite strong.

    This has been my experience for a few months now and I really like having two phones with 2 different networks, I can always count on one to be available. I will continue to use Mint Mobile, next time I’ll just purchase the 6 or 12 mos plan. That is such a convenient option.

  4. Pam Campbell says :

    My granddaughter and her husband bought me my cell phone and paid for 1 year with Mint Mobile. I knew they used Mint Mobile but I was always with Verizon. I had gotten to the point where we just couldn’t afford Verizon any longer. I was about ready to just not have a cell phone when they surprised me with a new phone and 1 yr paid! I love it! That’s been 2 yrs ago. I’m still with Mint Mobile and plan on staying with them. What I pay for the whole year is less than I was paying for a month with Verizon. We live in a rural area and I have excellent service. In fact I have better service than my other grandkids that live close by have. They are with AT&T and Sprint I think. They have absolutely no service inside their homes at all. I am more than satisfied with Mint Mobile. I plan on getting a new phone soon as mine still works fine but I dropped it and broke the back of it now it keeps cracking. I highly recommend Mint Mobile. I know I’m a customer for life!

  5. Kentosay says :

    I’ve had mint mobile for almost 2 years now and it’s been great sure I get some Dead spots. Up in the mountains honestly the best deal out there no hassle upfront service I highly recommend it.

  6. Dixie says :

    I have Mint in Georgia it sucks. Since being bought out by TMobile the connection is terrible. My phone works sporadically, text messages don’t go through. On top of all that the $15 plan is now $25. It’s a rip off. Just another big company that bought out the competition to destroy it.

  7. Aldo Tersigni says :

    I recently quit Verizon and joined mint mobile. I had to call mint mobile to change some phone settings. The woman(I forgot her name) was unbelievably patient when helping me and 35 minutes later I was online and good to go. I cannot thank you enough nameless lady!!!!!

  8. London says :

    I just got mint a few days ago. I needed a lower cost, that ATT, eho was giving me shoddy service and customer services. I can see a difference in the way my phone works: I can’t do battery saver and have most of my functions work, but I’m hoping the low cost will make up for the small inconveniences. I see there is very little coverage for the west coast, but since I’m not traveling this year. It should be ok in FL.

  9. Rosie Sebald says :

    I have been a mint mobile customer for over a year. it has worked well for me in Ohio..I switched for 2 weeks to consumer cellular. but quickly went back to the cheaper prices for better data..thanks mint mobile.

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