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What Are You Working For?

Why Financial Flexibility?

Resolve Your Reasons

The Secret to Financial Freedom

What’s Your Financial Metabolism?

How to Develop a Healthy Aversion to Spending

Life Is Not About Your Preferences

The Treasure Measure

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Money

Inflate Your Usefulness, Not Your Lifestyle

Get Rich With Generosity

The Value of a (Half) Dollar

Are Short-term Missions Trips a Scam?

Simple Living in Light of Eternity

A Dream Disclosed

I’m Off To India!

Thoughts From India

Make Your Spouse More Useful By Leaving the Country!

Extend Your Emergency Fund with Skills (and Friends)

Why You’re Failing at Frugality

What Seeing Real Poverty Showed Me About Pretending to Be Poor

Is Minimalism the New Materialism?

The Best Black Friday Deal is Freedom

What’s All This Fuss Over Frugality?

He Became Poor

Happy Birthday to Pretend to Be Poor

Why We Don’t Budget

Do Less, Be More

On Frugal Aesthetics

Can You Touch Your Financial Toes?

The Power of Perpetuity

Real Worth Vs. Net Worth

A Brief History of Work

Have You Planned For Your Funeral?

Inflate Someone Else’s Lifestyle Instead of Your Own

10 Things They Don’t Tell You About Decluttering

How to Pursue Happiness

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